The Pavilion Montessori School uses "My Montessori Child". This is a specially designed record keeping system which allows the teachers to record their observations, photographs, evaluations and planning on iPads. Parents have unique access to their child's observations and photographs and it is an excellent link between home and School.














My Montessori Child enables teachers to record observations of children’s activities in a manner that is faithful to Dr Montessori’s method, principles and values, and automatically uses those observations to track Montessori progress, to generate statutory Department for Education reports on child development, to support teacher planning, and to facilitate parent-teacher collaboration in furthering each child’s progress. The ultimate beneficiaries of the system are the children, for several reasons: teachers spend less time on record-keeping, giving them more face-to-face time with the children; teachers receive deep and comprehensive insights on how to support each child’s unique learning journey; and parents are shown how to offer complementary learning opportunities to the children when they are at home. 



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